Management Essay

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TRIMESTER 1, 2012/2013


1. This is a group assignment that will contribute 20% to the course.
2. Each group should have 8 members and MUST be from the SAME lecture section. Please appoint a group leader for each group. Group leader is responsible in managing the group and ensure that each members completed the task given.
3. Each group need to choose one business entity, eg. Sole-proprietorship, or partnership or private limited company (Sdn.Bhd.) The group can either choose the existing business or create a hypothetical business. The company of your choice must be in operation for at least for ONE year. If ...view middle of the document...

* Other Information :
* The list of 10 major customers and suppliers, together with the name of the contact person, address and contact number.
* List out the marketing strategies use by the company to market the product.
* Explain the future plan of the company in increasing its sales and the market share.

(b) Financial information

* List out 50 business transactions relevant to the business starting from 1st January 2010 until 31st December 2010. Example. No. 1) On 03/01/2010, the business owner, Stephen has invested RM100,000 in the business. Please ensure that the business transactions listed satisfy the accounting equation.
* Journalize each of the business transactions listed above.
* Post the transactions into a ledger and close the ledger. Please name the ledger accordingly. For example, Sales ledger, Purchase Ledger, etc.
* Prepare a trial balance as at 31st December, 2010.
* Prepare a classified Income Statement for the period ending 31st December, 2010
* Prepare a classified Balance Sheet as at 31st December, 2010.

(c) Financial analysis
* Describe the usefulness of financial information to the business. Explain, in detail, how such information is to be used and the analyses that will help business managers make the right decision.

4. Submission requirements:
(a) Font: Times New Roman, size 12
(b) Spacing: 1.5
(c) Number of pages: Maximum 40 pages.
(d) Please use the cover page template and include the group member’s declaration as per Appendix 2.

5. This assignment is to be submitted to the lecturer in charge, Ms. Nurbani Md. Hassan.
6. Individual assignments are NOT ACCEPTABLE.
7. Due date: Week 13 (22/08/2012, Wednesday, before 5.00 p.m.)




Faculty of Business and Law | BAC1014 FINANCIAL ACCOUNTING ITrimester 1, 2012/2013Assignment’s title: The name of the company (ABC SDN BHD)Financial and Business InformationLecture Group: BM101/102/103/104Due date: 22/08/2012Lecturer : Ms. Nurbani Md Hassan |

Group members:
Student ID Student Name
1. 99523626355 Ali bin Baba (Group Leader)

Declaration by group leader
(This section is to be filled in the student’s own handwriting.)
I hereby declare that all...

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