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Management 310 Study Guide Test 1

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Management 310 Study Guide

Chapter 2: Individual Differences: Personality and Ability
Locus of Control
External: outside forces responsible for fate, actions= no affect
Internal: think their own behaviors and actions have an impact

The extent to which people try to control the way they present themselves to others
High: want behavior to be socially acceptable; good at managing the impressions others have of them
Low: not overly concerned about behaving in a situational appropriate manner, more likely to say what they think is true/correct, provide open, honest feedback

The Big Five Model of Personality
Trait: specific component of personality- ...view middle of the document...

Promote effective functioning and well- being among employees. People Differ:
1.Knowing how they feel and why
2. Ability to manage feelings of others
-Helps people relate, and leaders maintain their enthusiasm and confidence, while communicating a vision to energize people to work toward goals
Chapter 3: Work Values, Attitudes, and Moods and Emotions
Values: relatively long lasting (while attitudes are shorter) personal convictions about what one should strive for in life and how one should behave
A. Work values: personal convictions about outcomes and behavior at work. General, long lasting beliefs and feelings people have that contribute to how they experience work
1. Intrinsic work values: values hat are related to the nature of the work itself
2. Extrinsic work values: values that are related to the consequence of the work. Work= supply of $
*many people have both values
Ethical Values: personal convictions about what is right and wrong
1.Utiliarian Values: decisions produce the greatest good for the great number of people
2.Moral Right values: decisions protect the fundamental rights and privileges of people
3. Justice Values: decisions allocate benefit and harm in a fair, equitable manner
Emotional Labor: The work employees perform to control their experience and expression of moods and emotions on the jobs.. Governed by display rules:
(1) Feeling Rules: dictate appropriate and inappropriate feelings for a particular setting. Book example: funeral directors are not supposed to feel delighted in presence of grieving families & professors are expected to be enthusiastic when they teach classes and not be bored.
(2)Expression Rules: dictate what emotions should be expressed and how they should be expressed in a particular setting. For example, professors are expected to be enthusiastic via their facial expressions and tone of voice.
Job Satisfaction: The collection of feelings, beliefs,
and thoughts about how to behave with respect to one’s current job

Determinants of Job Satisfaction
1. Personality- only 30% attribute to genetics
2.Values- Intrinsic work values, extrinsic work values
3. The work situation: the work itself, working conditions, and all other aspects of the job and employing organization
4. Social Influence: influence individuals/groups have on a person’s attitudes and behavior- such as culture and how one thinks of their self

Discrepancy Model of Job Satisfaction
To determine how satisfied one is with their job, employees compare their job to some ideal job.
Managers need to ask employees what they want their jobs to be like so they can make appropriate changed
Steady State-Theory of Jobs Satisfaction: employees have a typical characteristic level of job satisfaction. Ex: employee gets a raise and is only happy for a period of time before going back to normal. Managers need to determine whether the resulting increases in satisfaction are temporary or long...

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