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Management 101 Essay

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Week 3 (25 August) Tutorial: How does your life define “I”?

Reflecting on my life or whatever I have been through.
I don’t think I have much of a life but I am contented. So here goes...
I sat down for a talk with an insurance agent to do a short survey but in actual fact we both knew that the reason behind the survey was to try to convince me to buy an insurance policy from him. Halfway through the survey, he ask whether I had any financial goals that I hope to achieve and he was quite shocked to hear that I don’t have any financial goals in life. I was also shocked by the fact that he seemed so shocked over my answer. ...view middle of the document...

My answer would always be ‘I don’t know’ or ‘I haven’t thought of it’. Why should I give a thought on where I should go after my ‘O’ levels? As long as I do well in my ‘O’ levels, I would have the luxury of pondering that question and seeking out the many options that will be open to me if my results are good so shouldn’t I strive to study hard first and get the best results?
Definition of me: l realise I think and interpret things differently from most people but yet i am able to think like a normal person sometimes. Jeez. What am I talking about? I really have no idea how to define who I am.
So from my definition of myself, I guess I will be someone who will work hard for the present and refuse to let myself be distracted by whether my actions will bear fruit in the end. My self-confidence is justified on the grounds that I pride myself to have good judgement in whatever i am doing and if need be, i am willing to take risks to achieve my goals and i believe i have enough confidence to pull it off with a bang!
This definition may seem kind of out of place in this piece of work. It is just a sudden outburst from me after attending lectures whereby Mr David ask us to define the meaning of what an organisation entails.
Definition of an organisation: It is where a group of people with different talents work towards a common goal such as revenue maximisation while attempting to fulfil their individual goals of attaining an own sense of achievement and working experience.

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