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Man's Dependence On Oil Outline

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Man’s Dependence on Oil:
Are Alternative Energies the Answer?
Tiffany P. Marin
Sci 207: Dependence of Man on the Environment
Professor Cynthia Collins
February 18, 2013

The subject of our dependence upon oil has been a topic for debate for some time now. We use it for transportation fuels, heating fuels, and it is the base ingredient for countless products and items, such as asphalt and plastics. The question is whether or not we can completely overcome our dependence upon oil. While alternative energy sources may be able to replace oil ...view middle of the document...

Paragraph Three
Paragraph 3 will have information on various reasons that alternative energies should be used to replace our dependence upon oil and the products created from it
Paragraph Four
Paragraph four will be a look at the opposing side of the issue, a rebuttal of sorts. I will explore the reasons that it will not be possible to completely replace oil.
Paragraph Five
In paragraph five, I am going to explore the middle ground, so to speak. I’m going to introduce a compromise that will combine the two sides to be able to greatly lessen our dependence upon oil. There are many areas that oil can be replaced, either with biofuels, or alternatives to creating electricity. This should not be an “either or” situation.
Paragraph Six
In my concluding paragraph, I am going to revisit my thesis statement and try to show the reasons that a compromise should be reached.

Bryce, Robert. Don’t Count Oil Out: Alternative Energies Won’t Replace Oil, Gas,
And Coal Anytime Soon.
Turk, J., & Bensel, T. (2011), Contemporary environmental issues, San Diego, CA: Bridgepoint  Education, Inc.

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