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Malcolm London Story Essay

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Malcolm London Story Essay.

I understand where Malcolm is coming from. He isn’t only speaking on education and our school system, but he is also speaking on today’s society. Some men are focused on woman while some women are focused on being something other than their selves to impress people. It’s hard for people who are ...view middle of the document...

I never thought I was good enough for honors and AP classes, yet I have been in honors and currently have 2 AP classes. My high school education is very important because a lot of people are being criticized and are being judge because of how they act or look and I don’t want to be those people. People talk down on my school, but I don’t want them talking down on me. I need to try hard because many people were not blessed to be in school where they can get an education so I will be better in what I do. We have to climb on top another to get to the top that’s how the system is and it’s hard because somebody is trying to pull you down. Most people drop out of school to go to the Military or to be a rapper and most of them don’t be successful at it. As for me I will finish high school because I didn't come all this way for nothing.

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