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Malaysia’s Foreign Policy (DIS 3113)

Tun Abdul Razak:
Malaysia-China Relationship Normalization
Mej Suresh Vijayaratnam TUDM 814114
Mej Razali bin Ahmad Jumali TUDM 8141138

Tun Abdul Razak was born in Pulau Keladi, Pahang on March 11, 1922 and is the only child to Dato' Hussein bin Mohd Taib and Hajah Teh Fatimah bt Daud. He was a brilliant student and received his early education at the Malay College Kuala Kangsar in 1934. In 1939, Tun Razak joined the Malay Administrative Service. Thereafter in 1940 he was awarded a scholarship to study at Raffles College in Singapore. His studies at the college ceased with the onset of the Second ...view middle of the document...

Tun Abdul Razak was responsible to reinstate the eventually fading confidence of Malaysians after the 13 May 1969 tragedy. He formulated the New Economic Policy (NEP) in 1971 when he took responsibility to eradicate the economic and social disparities between races in Malaya. Two main objectives of NEP which is also popularly known as “serampang dua mata” in Malay language is to reduce and eventually eliminate poverty, and to reduce and eventually eradicate identification of economic function to a particular race. The NEP introduced by him reinstated parliament democracy by increasing multi-racial party members and generated unity. Another successful endeavor by Tun Razak is the Red Book. For his contributions in the area of national and rural development, Tun Abdul Razak is known as the Father of Development.

Under the headship of Tun Abdul Razak, Malaysia observed progressive foreign policies based on non-alignment, neutralization and peaceful co-existence and are not supportive of Western

policies as propagated by his predecessor, Tunku Abdul Rahman. Tun Abdul Razak’s approach to foreign policy marked by Malaysia’s involvement in Non-Alignment Movement (NAM) and its declaration as a "Muslim nation" with reference to its participation in the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC). Under Tun Razak’s leadership, Malaysia seeks for collaboration and partnership in investments other than Western sources especially British to achieve true independence.

Razak’s administration witnessed chaos in international and regional affairs this include, United States’s involvement in Vietnam in extended manner, the a challenging geo-political environment with threat from neighboring countries such as Indonesia and India culturally and politically. The rise of Asia dragon i.e. China witnessed another nuclear super-power and re-entry into international diplomacy and multilateral cooperation. Not underestimating, the increasing influences of Japan on Asia especially in the fields of commerce, industry and finance and the improved power of Muslim states in the Middle East were indirectly shaping Malaysia’s foreign policy at the time.

During Tun Razak’s tenure, Malaysia also had to handle regional security issues such as the Philippines’ claim over Sabah, the cooperation with Thailand to solve communist guerrillas in border area, the Thai treatment of Malay- Muslims in Southern Thailand and the relationships with Indonesia regarding to the navigation rights in the Melaka straits issue and the possession of offshore oil resources.

While Tun Abdul Razak was juggling to introduce right policies for Malaysia to deal with competitive political environment internally and externally, he concluded that relationship with other emerging countries such Africa and Asia is paramount. Furthermore the manner in which Malaysia handled these issues considered as popular sentiment to gauge the perception of Malaysia by the...

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