Making The Right Call Essay

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I. Title of the Case
Making the Right Call – A Globe Telecom Case Study

II. Case Summary

Globe Telecom, member of Asia’s Singtel Group, collaborates with HFI or Human Factors International, a company specified for UX design, consultation, and training. This is to rebuild their user experience design and foresee an increased revenue generating from value-added services.

Globe Telecom provides a diverse value added services here in the Philippines. Due to our country’s demographics, many users pre-pay rather than sign up for monthly billing. This is essential for Globe’s revenue ...view middle of the document...

HFI supported Globe from creating a sustainable and permanent user experience (UX) design and gave a promising result.

III. Statement of the Problem

Primary Problem: How Globe and HFI collaboration made a significant differentiation in the global market?
Secondary Problem: How Globe manage to overcome the decreasing uptake of revenue due to third party value added content providers?

IV. Statement of the Objectives

* To be able to meet customer expectations
* To be able to create central design guide for third party value added content providers
* To continue being competitive among competitors while improving various areas
* To improve quality of customer user experience
* To take further advantage of further business opportunities and improve overall competitive advantage

V. Areas of Consideration
* Strong Management * Skilled workforce * Pricing Power * Technology * High growth rate * Known brand | * Low productivity * Too many competition * Too many taxes * High loan rates are possible | * Online Market * Innovation * New markets * New products and services * New acquisition * Global market * Growing economy * Growing demand | * Limited financial capital * Government regulations * Rising cost of raw materials * Price changes |

VI. Alternative Course of Action

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