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Making It By Faking It Essay

647 words - 3 pages

Making it by Faking it

Danica Utnage

Kaplan University

MT203-01: Human Resources Management

Professor Sharon Anton

July 1, 2012

Education is important; it increases one’s knowledge and opens up opportunities for an individual. However, education by itself is not sufficient, it needs to be applied and acted upon and this is where experience comes in. There are situations where an individual’s academic records show that they are a brilliant scholar, but when the same person is told to apply his education in a real life situation, for example in a job, he is not able to. Experience therefore is important in helping ...view middle of the document...

On the other hand, a college grad with the best education and book smarts may be completely at sea when it comes to dealing with real-world work situations if the graduate has no prior industry experience.
I would have to agree that a strong emphasis on background checks is necessary. Background checks are important because it provides the employer with the satisfaction of knowing that the person they are hiring is a trusted employee and worth the cost to hire and train. When a company hires someone, they are entrusting their business to them, and the company has every right to expect them to be an honest and forthright person. Another reason for having a background check on potential employees is because your staff will be representing you and the company in your absence and the company/employer needs to know that they will be represented in a proper and professional manner. As an employer you want to make sure that the person you are hiring is not going to put your company at...

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