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Making A Page Essay

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There are many different important things to consider when doing a web page. There are certain principles to which a person doing a web page has to follow to be considered a good page. A very important part of a web page is the page layout of the contents that the people will be seeing. The color of the page and the Font selection is very important to keep a web browser to stay in the page. Here are some of the changes that need to be done while making the web page better. First the page layout of the existing page is not a good way to have the page. First thing that needs to be changed is the company’s name. The name should not be put in the middle, because it does not look good there instead it should be on the top left corner of the page. Another thing that should be changed is the employee ...view middle of the document...

The color of the button “check rates” also will have to be changed to a different color. This color could be in white color with the letters in black color.
The present color for the navigational bar is not a good color to have with this page. A good color to have for this type of navigational bar could be the light blue. When the mouse has been put on a navigation selection then a darker blue can be highlighting the selection desired. The font size for the navigational bar looks good. The “Make a Reservation” in the box located in the top left will be bigger size. It is very important to attract the attention of the people who are trying to buy a reservation. If the person does not see the difference in the sizes of the font for this part then they might not pay attention to this section. There are many principles to go by like it was mentioned earlier. The first principle to go by is “Equitable Use”, which all it means is that the design that the person is making is useful with all the information there and even if it is deferent type of pages the information is still useful. The second principle is “flexibility in use”. The third principle which a web developer has to follow is “simple and intuitive use”. This means is that the page needs to be easy to understand and even you have never used the internet before. The fourth principle is “perceptible Information”. There are other principles to which other people go by, but this are the main principles to go by when making a web page. There are many things that can be changed from the existing site of Baderman Islands but it all depends on the person making the changes. The color to which you are putting on the page will attract the person or make that person go away. In this page the resort is for relaxation so the color blue is a good color.

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