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Major Challenges Affecting A Human Resource Manager

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challenges of hrm manager

Human resources managers have three aspects of responsibility to the organizations that employ them. Unlike other departmental managers whose responsibilities focus on running their departments and respective teams of employees, HR managers are responsible for the HR department functions, supervising the HR staff and ensuring that the organization's entire workforce is cohesive, engaged and productive.

Ever-expanding legal considerations, legislation and federal and state laws make compliance an important aspect of running an HR department and determining the extent to which certain laws apply to each workplace. One of the challenges that HR ...view middle of the document...

Executive leadership's perception of HR has to improve so that HR managers can participate in determining the direction of the company.
Employee Relationships

Many workers equate going to the HR department with going to the school principal's office. That suggests two challenges for HR managers--that employees feel there's a parent-child relationship in the workplace, instead of adult-adult relationship, and that nothing good can come out of a visit to the HR department. To convince employees that HR is an employee advocate as much as it is an advocate for the company, HR managers have to devise ways to put a face on HR, so to speak. HR managers are challenged to get out of the confines of the HR department and get to know employees. For organizations that operate 24/7, this means that HR managers or their staff need to be the face of HR around the clock to let all employees know that HR is there to address their needs.

Because HR departments are revenue-producing, HR managers frequently have to justify budget allocation and the return on investment in HR spending. Just saying that money for HR activities support the organization's...

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