Macroenvironmental Effects On The Marketing Mix And Qantas

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In today's global world, it is becoming increasingly important that companies are aware of not only the internal factors that they can control, but also of the uncontrollable external factors. It is also crucial that marketers keep in mind the effects of not only domestic forces, but also international ones as well. Even back in 1977, Halfhill (1977) observed that as more companies start to use a multinational approach in business, the international marketing approach should be used. This means that companies should be aware of external environmental factors, including those external to the country in which they are based. According to Yüksel (2012), an effective method to determine the ...view middle of the document...

Koslow and Sasser (2012) explain their view on politics as one that suppresses the influence of expertise on creativity. In other words, when competing in a global landscape, a company is limited in the creative progress they can make due to the different political factors in the countries they wish to do business. However, Czinkota, Ronkainen, et al (2014) describe political effects that arise from doing business internationally as a set of risks that a company is taking on when electing to do business globally. In other words, while politics can be a barrier or a limitation in some cases, they can also be viewed as risks that in some cases, can be viewed as opportunities. Regardless of one's view on politics, it must be noted that a certain government's policies towards business or trade may differ greatly between nations, and companies must be aware of these differences. (Flores-Marcias, 2013). Flores-Marcias (2013) argues that trade and business operations with a foreign nation increases a countries likelihood of convergence when it comes with foreign policy. The example that Flores-Marcias (2013) facilitates is that due to the fact that America's foreign policy preferences have differed from those of China's over the past decade or so, it may create difficulties for the US going forward. China (and other countries who are 'sided' with China by extension) may be less willing to do business with a country who disagrees in the field of foreign policy, which may be detrimental to certain countries going forward.
For Qantas, although they cannot directly change Australian foreign policy, they may be able to take advantage of the political relations with Asian countries such as China going into the future by tailoring certain marketing mix efforts more towards those countries. Qantas has started taking actions in this direction as it announced in 2011 as part of its structural shake-up, it would start a premium Asia based airline (Gelineau, 2011). Qantas has already realised the importance of foreign relations and has tailored a part of its product offerings to Asia, but this is only a small part of the marketing mix. Qantas must be aware of the importance of foreign giants (particularly in Asia) and continue to make decisions on its marketing mix with that in mind. Whether this means that removing the 49% cap of foreign ownership as dictated by the Qantas Sales Act (O'Sullivan, 2012) will be beneficial or not depends on many other factors. While political factors have an important part in determining the marketing, a business must also take socio-cultural factors into account.

Socio-cultural Factors
While a marketer must take the political environment of all places they conduct business into account, it is also important that they observe socio-cultural factors and their impact on the marketing mix. These factors consist of distinguishing characteristics in any given location that are learned from generation to generation such as...

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