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Macleod Made The Book Essay

627 words - 3 pages

#2 = Software
Goodwill is a common trend in the technology industry, and this firm has a high amount of goodwill, indicating that it might have overtaken some subsidiaries. Its huge margins, too, are typical of the software industry, which does not require much cost during production. This company hasn’t issued stock, indicating that it might be young and emerging, which is also common in technology. The high R&D is a big indicator of software companies, which always look to expand and adjust to volatile trends. The firm has no inventory, which would not be required of a technological service company. Because software’s assets are mostly intangible and not fixed, it has a high current ratio.

#9 = Pharmaceutical
This company has the highest R&D, which is vital for any company in medicine, and especially in pharmaceuticals. 40.3% of this firm’s total assets are categorized in “other,” which could indicate money tied in patents. Because ...view middle of the document...

The high cash was typical of a bank in 2007, which needed extra, liquid security in 2007. The high current ratio supports this idea. The high revenue growth is likely due to the recovery of the market in 2007, which might also have caused the low gross margins.

11= Specialized services
Specialized services do not require inventory, and this firm has none. It also has a low return on assets because the vast majority of its assets are derived from accounts receivable (which accounts for the high receivables collection). The company has a high return on sales because the cost of providing services is very low. The high dividend payout might just be a decision of the firm due to an excess of cash (the company also has high financial leverage index).

12 = airline
The firm has very low revenue growth, which is likely a result of the financial crisis and the nature of airlines. Air travel might be considered a luxury good, meaning that the economic crisis would diminish growth. Airlines often lease their equipment, meaning that they have low inventory, which causes the high inventory turnover. The company is financed through a large amount of equity (44%), which might be a management and operational decision, causing a low financial leverage index.

13= electric utility
high inventory turnover
high gross margin
high dividend payout
low asset turnover
low roe
low current ratio

3= fast food
high ros
high roa
high roe
low dividend payout
no inventory turnover
negative revenue growth

low roa
low roe
low inventory turnover
low revenue growth

1= supermarket
high asset turnover
low return on sales
low current ratio
low receivables collection

6= wholesale
high asset turnover
low current ratio
low receivables collection
low inventory turnover
low gross margin

8= automobile
high receivables collection
balanced assets to liabilities (relatively) in common size statement

4= internet retail
high asset turnover
high roa
high roe
high current ratio
low financial leverage index
no dividend payout
no inventory

10= computer and office manufacturing
high financial leverage index
high inventory turnover
high revenue growth
low ros
low roa
low roe
low receivables collection
low gross margin

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