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Macbeth Essay

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Power of Justice in Macbeth: A balanced connection between one’s actions and thoughts.
William Shakespeare’s play Macbeth examines the theme of just actions through the character named Macduff. In the play, Macduff sees it as his duty to bring peace to the country of Scotland. In order to so, Macduff always observes, and thinks before he acts. As a result, when Macduff makes a final decision, he acts upon it without hesitation. Lastly, Macduff is willing to sacrifice everything to save his land. Unfortunately, Macduff is the only character in the play to act in such a fashion. Showing that throughout the play Macbeth, only Macduff demonstrates truly just actions.

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Secondly, when Macduff knows what needs to be done, there is absolutely no hesitation in his actions. After his family dies, Macduff’s declaration of action comes without any procrastination. The way he makes up his mind is revealed when he says, “Cut short all intermission. Front to front / Bring thou this fiend of Scotland and myself.” (IV.iii.235-236) Macduff wastes no time in deciding what needs to be done. Now that his family is dead, he has another reason beside his duty to bring King Macbeth down. Macduff not only wants to bring justice to his country, but for his wife and children when he announces that “if thou best slain, and with no strike of mine, / My wife and children’s ghosts will haunt me still / …Let me find him, fortune / And more I beg not.” (V.vii.16-17, 23-24) Macduff is focused on one goal and that is to kill Macbeth. He is not hesitant and does not let anyone distract him. Macduff uses his dead family as a drive to complete his task. During his final battle with Macbeth, Macduff makes it very clear about his next move by pronouncing, “I have no words; / My voice is in my sword, thou bloodier villain / Than terms came give thee out.” (V.viii.7-9) Macduff knows that King Macbeth is trying to distract him by making him over think his decision to fight. However, Macduff stays focused, and pushes all distractions aside. He uses his sword to take care of the deed. As a result, because Macduff does not over think, hesitate, or second guess any of his actions, he completes them correctly and justly.
Lastly, Macduff is willing to sacrifice anything and everything he has if it means his country can be saved. When convincing Malcolm to help take Scotland back from King Macbeth, Macduff willingly gives up one of Scotland’s most valuable...

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