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M1 Different Business Information Essay

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To: Directors of Puma
From: Shannon Kidrowicz
Subject: Different business information within Puma (Report)

This report will inform you of the different types of business information and their sources, from this report we should be able to see the faults in our specific communication techniques and the strongest techniques to use in the long run when it comes to making the company successful in all aspects.
The company use business information every day when it comes to communicating with members of staff via email or advisement to the public via billboards or television. There are two t to the public via billboards or television. There are two types of information verbal and written.
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Sending emails is a more successful form of written information as you are able to send documents and important information on a large scale when informing staff and members of the public about future sales and products. The disadvantages of emails are technical issues and members of staff may not check their email on a daily basis.
Internal information is information within a business for example sale figures, loss of shareholders and finance and trading accounts that are private to the company. The advantages of internal information are that they take a lot of time to put together for example a questionnaire from customers would take a lot of time to convert into statistics.
External information is information outside of the business for example newspapers, adverts and on the internet. The advantages of external information is that its feedback from customers and the general public help[s the company to understand what they need to do to make their company and products better. On the other hand external information has its...

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