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M&M Technology Essay

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Martinez Majors Sr.
June 17, 2013
Dr. Mousa Ayyash


The M & M Information Technology Services LLC., is an Information Technology Solutions and Professional Service company specializing in systems integration, network design, security, applications development, and service expertise. M & M provides our clients with extensive technological solutions covering a myriad of services from wireless solutions to networking, hardware/software installation, helpdesk services, remote monitoring, project management and architectural designs. With a focus on innovation and quality. M & M ...view middle of the document...

Here is a small sampling of three companies. “Top telecom manufacturer Cisco Systems uses 36 manufacturing plants of which it owns only two (O’Brien 2003).” Cisco is using virtual manufacturing by a suite of internet-based tools and processes that lets them manage an extended enterprise that they don’t own as if they did own it. The system uses real-time data on a real-time basis so that all business partners know what goes on in Cisco’s manufacturing business every single day. Cisco works the other end of the process what is called the e-business or e-commerce the same way. Eighty-seven of Cisco’s sales are entered directly from the Net available instantaneously. Cisco’s e-business supply chain is visible and live as a televised NFL football game. Validation $400 million a year, plus up to a $1 billion saving in capital costs from equipment Cisco does not even carry on its books (O’Brien, J 2003).
“The Boeing Company had business failures prior to implementing an e-business and e-commerce solution within its company. Delays cost them $1.6 billion in obtaining 6 million parts to build each aircraft with unintegrated IT systems in the late nineties. So what did they do to stem the tide and turn things around they integrated the entire supply chain into internal production systems and this resulted into a business success. The output capacity is up 100% percent in 4 years. Aircraft lead times reduced by 60% percent (Fingar, P., Kumar, H., & Sharma, T. (2000).”
“ Thomson Consumer Electronics had a business failure prior to implementing an e-business and e-commerce solution in retailers were not getting quick replenishment of core products with old inventory systems. Eventually they implemented a new business IT solution which was a demand collaboration system with top retailers what link directly into internal production and logistics systems. Now the business success is out-of-stock scenarios reduced to 1% with forecast accuracy now above 95% (Fingar, P., Kumar, H., & Sharma, T. 2000).”
One of the methods of that M & M Information Technology would use to get started in our endeavor would be to come up with a strategic breakout methodology for transforming our organizations into E-businesses centric. This would encompass utilizing a four-stage methodology that would makes use of a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) analysis, and each of the four stages would have its own activities, tasks, and outputs...

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