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M Faye Essay

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Learning to learn

The given case revolves around Michael Faye, a knowledge professional, currently the senior VP International Affairs at Salvetec, a major medical solutions company. Having been awarded a brand new assignment for Salvetec’s operations in greater China, the case unravels his dedicated attempts at learning the most effective method to expand his company’s hold in greater china and establish the regions importance for the rest of the company. The case analyse is the quality of the success that has been achieved in the process as also exploring newer ideas for enhanced efficacy.

* To understand Michaels idea hunting style.
* Identifying ...view middle of the document...

Till date, Faye has worked and lived in 12 countries in Asia, Africa, Europe and North America.
Michael Faye has built a successful career on being associated with good ideas. He is an idea- hunter and has been good at it. He has been put in charge of a new assignment in China. He is a workaholic. Even when he was on a holiday in China, he was thinking about work, he was engrossed in the thoughts on how he can make Salvatec important in China and vice versa. He met a number of people who had worked in China earlier. With their piece of mind and the present day business situation prevailing in China, he would predict the upcoming nature of the Chinese market. He noticed all the pros and cons of setting up his business in China and even found out the ways to reduce the disadvantages. He had the habit of collecting information from all the sources and he could go till any extent to get relevant data that could be useful to him in some or the other way. He contacted his wives ex as he was the Attorney living in Shanghai and naturally could update him about China. He also got details about an investment banker who was considered to be the best in that region. Since Salvatec was a health care company, he went all the way to Shenzhen to see the largest hospital monitoring equipment firm in China. He would not rely on the information given to him by someone else and hence he would talk to a number of government officials, physicians, people related to pharmaceutical company, from medical insurance company, distributors of medical devices. He wanted to look into every aspect all by himself. He has great interpersonal skills and was an expert at networking. Since he would gather all information on his own, that would increase his work load, but he would deal with it. At the end, Faye used to combine all the information or the details that he had gathered and would come up with what he has to do. He came to the conclusion that China was running faster than what people had expected and therefore he wanted a master plan that would help him set his foot in the market.


* Faye’s idea hunting methodology albeit effective is one that leads to self-exhausted in the process of acquiring the maximum relevant data thereby reducing efficiency.
* The absence of delegation of work among his subordinate is one of the primary reason for the cumulative work load that Michael has to endure.
* Incompetency on the part of his employees further strengthens his distrust for his employees.
* Despite the efforts that have been put in by Michael he is still ineffective in devising an all-inclusive master plan that could guarantee success.
* Lack of structure in the...

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