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Lowering Legal Drinking Age Essay

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Edwin Muniz
English 1010

Lowering the Legal Drinking Age

There are many controversial topics in today’s news involving the younger generation. One of the most talked about topics is lowering the legal drinking age in the United States. Lowering the drinking age could have a really good impact on society as a whole. Although there are people that believe that lowering the age limit will have a really bad effect on the US, the good outweigh the bad. The drinking age being at 21, makes those underage look at alcohol sort of like the “forbidden fruit,” making them want to drink even more, sort of as a rite of passage.
Lowering the drinking age to 18 seems almost undeniable ...view middle of the document...

Obviously, this law has not prevented teens from drinking. In fact, a poll taken in 2006 by over a thousand high school kids showed that about 82% of them have drank alcohol.
If the United States were to lower the drinking age to 18, everyone would be better off. Being almost 19 myself, I have seen firsthand how teenagers look at alcohol. They look at alcohol as something “cool” to be doing, something “illegal” to get their hands on. A huge reason as to why they want to drink is because of the rush they get by knowing they are not allowed to be doing it, and it makes them feel older. When teenagers drink, they drink heavy, they drink to get drunk. Lowering the drinking age will put a stop to all that. The majority of 21 year olds will say they don’t drink as much as they used to when they were in their teens because now being at the age where you can purchase your own alcohol whenever you want, it gets old. The same thing would happen to 18 year olds if 18 were the legal age. You can’t mature and start being responsible with alcohol overnight. That is what the United States assumed when raising the legal drinking age from 18 to 21. They think that on the night before your birthday when you are 20, you are still not mature enough for alcohol, but in the morning, when you are 21, you are legal to drink and are going to be responsible with your alcohol. That is just absurd.
In countries that have a lower drinking age, alcohol isn’t as bad as we make it out to be here in the US. Kids in their teen years will drink a glass of alcohol at family meals and treat it as any other beverage. The result of treating alcohol like that at an early age has encouraged drinking responsibly. We could be doing the same here in the US, teaching 18 year...

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