Loving Yourself Inside And Out Essay

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Jamie McDowell October 27, 2015
“Loving yourself inside and out”
Maleeka Madison, an eleven year old, in the seventh grade was having problems with students making fun of her. Not being appealing enough to her peers with very dark skin and homemade clothes was the start of her troubles. Very smart, however, being made fun of distracted her from her work. Other’s words helped develop her insecurities and low self-esteem which made her not see anything good about herself. Often feeling alone when with people, she was isolated to herself. The detachment of her favorite person in the world, her father, was the worst of all her problems. The person who was always there, always ready to ...view middle of the document...

For example we would have “roast sessions” at lunch. These were sessions that gave people the opportunity to talk about you and you the opportunity to talk about them with funny jokes such as “Your sneakers look like you brought them out the 99 cents store” or “God don’t like ugly so why are you praying for new clothes for Christmas?” or “Your mom so fat she sat on top of a rainbow and skittles popped out.” Most jokes were corny, but we laughed at them anyway. Despite me not taking offense this led up to me being a target. Not only did friends talk about me, others joined in as well. Middle school is where bullying started for me and it took a while to get over. I just didn’t know as I continued to let my peers talk about me it would get worst and this would turn into a serious situation lowering my self- esteem. I felt lonely, along with becoming bitter and angry.
Although we had uniforms, that were khaki pants and white polo collared shirts, I grew extraordinarily faster than the clothes my mom brought so they were either hanging off me or too tight. Nothing I ever wore fit me correctly, because I had legs as long as a corn stalk and a torso as small and chubby as a wiener dog, and students noticed. I wasn’t the cutest kid either, wearing thin wire glasses that made me look like an old lady, white reebok sneakers that looked like orthopedic shoes, along with a short fat neck that made my collared shirts look like turtle necks. These were all obvious things to pin point and talk about. I noticed too, that some of the kids weren’t the best looking either. There was a trio of ninja turtle looking triplets who had the yellowest teeth, and I knew they had rancid breath with acne that caused huge craters on their faces that were one of the first people to talk about me. Also there was this girl that had huge bugged out eyes, ripped dirty pants and a too tight shirt with her ashy hairy belly poking from the bottom that had the nerve to talk about me too. Unfortunately, the students got deeper with their jokes and hurtful words and it wasn’t just the four I spoke about it was way more kids than that.
Being a popular subject of the students negatively hurts. Nonetheless, with the teachers I was a popular student to be talked about positively. Teachers expressed to me that I am a joy to have in class from my passion to learn and read. I could have been considered a nerd except the students also knew it wasn’t amusing to get bad grades. So most of my peers worked hard to achieve brilliant grades just as I. Luckily I wasn’t made fun for that. Teachers recommending me to go the after school enrichment program must have been the most amazing event to boost my self- esteem. Meeting an after school program volunteer named V helped me cope with the disrespectful words. Also going through the same issues as me being talked about and pin pointed as a...

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