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Love You Essay

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significant reality.”
So what else do we think we cannot live without? Another of life’s essentials is a good internet connection, according to a second study of British homebuyers.
One in 10 house-hunters say they have walked away from a home because of poor internet connections. In fact, high-speed internet ranks above off-street parking, a doctors’ surgery nearby and a good local pub, according to the survey by
Other changes to our spending choices, according to recent surveys, are:
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In addition, a quarter say they would have a shorter holiday, but stay in a nicer resort. One in five do not drink in the week so they can enjoy going out at the weekend.
Karen Pine, professor of psychology at the University of Hertfordshire, says: “Millions of years of evolution have hard-wired our brains for offset thinking. Our primitive ancestors survived by making trade-offs - always reallocating resources to get the best from them. Modern decisions are different of course but people continue to engage in this type of thinking, whether it's for food, holidays or travel, and will offset to get the best deal they can.
“So it's not surprising that many people see the sense in offsetting and use it as a way of really making their money go further.”
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