Love Commitment And Pure Relationships Essay

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Love, commitment and pure relationship

In 1980, Sharon Thompson conducted an investigation about the attitudes values and sexual behavior of American teenagers. She discovered major differences between the way boys and girls discussed this topic. She found that the boys were not in a position to talk much about sex. The boys only talked about sex in a briefed manner that appears it only occurs at different intervals in time. What she discovered on girls was contrary to the boys. The girls seemed to understand this topic very well that they discussed lengthy on the topic with very little contribution from the interviewer. Sharon concluded ...view middle of the document...

This cause them to have unhappy love experience affair by the end of their teen life because of disappointments. These experiences make their minds prone to many ideas as they approach their late teen life. Most of them at this age have completely lost hope with relationship and looking forward to getting a job and have an independent life.

According to Thompson, women in the older days viewed getting out of home as the appropriate time to get married. When a woman thought of leaving his parents, she was thinking of finding an attachment. Between men and women who are anticipating for future relationships, a man considers himself individually but a woman thinks of them both. In the past, all women anticipated for marriages. Even if a woman is single now, they still anticipate for marriage.

Romantic love has been mostly about women. Most men seem to be untouched but this story, but they too fall in love according to the past records. Men have too been influenced with the ideas of romantic love but in a different way from women. It has been clearly understood that women long for a perfect relationship while men mostly look from status among their friends. Material rewards and rituals of male solidarity...

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