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Love Essay

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Q1. What is the first word comes to your mind when I say the word ‘religion’?

G: faith
F: faith
E: I think the word religion is derived from the Latin word ‘religiō’ which means faith, to seek, to try to pursue.
B: peace
A: belief
C: faith
D: It is a way to the upper life.

H: I think religion is a stigma forced upon children when they are to young to understand the concept.
M: can you just sum all of this up in one word?
H: forceful;

Q2. How does each one of you define religion and what constitutes of religion?
E: I think religion is a set of belief that is followed by an individual that according to him probably leads to a Supreme Being ...view middle of the document...

It is something that prevents our conscience from doing the wrong things. So, it is not necessarily some form of god but a supreme power that guides us through life.

H: I think what you are trying to describe is spirituality and not religion, because I feel religion is really different from what you have portrayed. In my opinion, religion is something that some people use to make others do things in the name of god ,which may not be ethically correct all the time.

B: exactly, in our society religion is something that is imposed on us. It is not that when we are born, we are presented with the choice of being a Sikh, Muslim, Hindu etc. we come into this world with a is with us since our birth.

H: we follow those particular ideals because we don’t know what the other religions have to offer us.

E: yeah, but religion gives us a path that we follow. What religion do you believe in?

S :I do not believe in religion.
E: no, but I mean you have consider what each religion has to offer. I also think that you defined spirituality and religion wrong. Religion is something that you are born with, something that you inherit from your family, which is totally different from spirituality.

C: religion is something that teaches us what to worship. By the time we grow up we can decide and discover something for ourselves.

E: yeah but later on what we discover for ourselves is spirituality. All religion tells us what is morally right. They all guide us in their own way but they have different names.

V: it gives us a way and tells us how to lead our lives. Like, in Muslims because of their religion they have to cover their heads, especially the women. Similarly, in Hindu families we have different rules that we have to follow. So as we grow up we learn all the norms of that particular religion, which guide us through life.

17; 35

Q3. Is religion more of idol worship? What if there are no idols?

G: sorry but do you mean ideals or idols?
M: idol worship, as in the statues of gods hat are worshiped.

We worship our gods because of the certain traits that they have . an idols gives us a visual of what our god looks like.for example when we say “apple” we get its image in mind, similarly when we say the name of a particular god , we have a mental image in their in our minds.

F: the point you are saying is for those people who want the religion to continue as it is in their society. So for that you are obviously right because if we have an image for something , then we can remember it much better. Later on in life that image can change

E: I think that the point to idol worship is because it links us to some form of energy, guiding us to particular things. The same way all the churches, mosques etc. have a point on top. There is never a church or a temple with a flat top. The point depicts our focus. But, all of this is subjective. In Islam, we cannot imagine a form of Allah. I’m I right?

G: yes you are. In...

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