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Lord Of The Flies Essay

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Ralph, jack and piggy’s specs
In the book “The Lord of The Flies”, Piggy’s specs have a ton of symbolism behind them and bring the whole story together. Without the specs the boys would not have the fire. But besides the fact that the specs mean fire is that his specs represent all the good and evil he sees in the boys. Another thing piggy’s specs represent is the good side and bad side of technology; but one of the most important things they represent is Jack and Ralph.
Jack and Ralph are the two main characters of the ...view middle of the document...

The first one I am going to talk about is the specs representing Jack the evil side, and Ralph the good side. This is clear in the book because when Jack slaps piggy’s specs off his face and breaks them the good side of the lenses in broken and all that’s is left is the evil lens. It then shows up On The Whole Entire Island because Jack or the evil side begins to take over the island while Ralph’s side is broken down just like the good side of the glasses.
The next one I am going to talk about is that Jack and Ralph are very hard to tell apart at first just like the good and evil lenses. In Piggy’s specs you don’t know which side of his specs is the good side and which is the bad side. This is just like at the beginning when the boys are electing their leader because they don’t know which boy is good and which boy is evil. Two lenses are hard to tell apart, just like sometimes good and evil can be at first.
In conclusion Jack is the “evil one” and Ralph is he “good one” just like in piggy’s specs one side is the good side and the other is the bad side. Also just like in piggy’s specs you cannot tell the difference between the good side and the evil side at first but then as the story goes on it becomes clearer.

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