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When it comes to long-term care, it is widely known as a field of work that has a very high worker turnover rate. Many studies have been done in addition to extensive research to seek out what is causing this phenomenon and what can be done to fix it. Taking history into consideration, closing the gap in worker turnover and aiming to get higher retention rates will be an upward battle and will take new tactics and strategies to change the minds of those already in this particular field of work as well as make it more appealing to those not yet in it. According to research, the turnover rate in long-term care is a substantial problem, with rates ranging from 55% to 75% for nurses and aides ...view middle of the document...

By taking the time to assess if any candidate is really fit for the job it will help them by getting a person who really has a passion for the field. Although it may be more work and will take more time, a more stringent onboarding process will assist companies in not just getting bodies in chairs but employees for life.
An obvious strategy within the Long Term Care field would be to Increase pay and expand benefits for workers within the field. There is currently a large gap in wages between workers within long-term care and acute care. By closing that gap there may be an increase in those willing to stay within their jobs for a longer time. Although a good amount of long-term care facilities depend on public reimbursement, increase to the that will directly affect workers, through budget redistributions must be considered. Employee health benefits and insurance should also be considered for all employees within the field as a measure to give workers a peace of mind for themselves and families but will also show them that the company they work for values them and their health as healthy happy workers will indeed have the potential for longevity within any given company.
Another strategy would be to help with career development. Offer employees within Long-Term Care Jobs the opportunity to better themselves but also advance...

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