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Logistics Or Not Essay

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Logistics or

Academic Essay
Logistics or Not


Arue Johnson


Nora Barber

For logistics or not for logistics

I should stay in the logistic career field instead of venturing on new career paths. I will review in comparison and contrast the reasons for staying in the logistical field opposed to leaving this career. I like working in the logistical field because the economy needs logistics. The employment opportunities in the logistic field are widespread throughout the country and world. I have eleven years of experience in logistics; so I have knowledge advantage. When I earn my Bachelors degree, it will ...view middle of the document...

The increase production allows business expansion; therefore, new jobs are created to facilitate more units per increasing output. This reason is why logistic jobs are rapidly spreading across the country and world. The name for this array of employment is called logistical clusters. These are domestically intricate businesses that supply logistics to third-party companies. Regional and national governments support these businesses with funds and ventures, because of its success in economic growth (Sheffi, Y 2012). Logistic jobs have provided growth in countries across the world because of employment success. I think that it would be relevant to focus on this career path because of employment success. As a Texas resident, I know that if I want to continue to pursue a job in logistics then I shouldn’t move out of state. Since 2002 Texas is the leading largest exporter in the country. The earliest statistical data received in 2008 revealed that Texas received more than 26 percent of the U.S. imports (World Trade Makes Texas A Global Player, 2015).

According to World Trade Makes Texas A Global Player (2015) "Globalization allows the smallest of firms to play a role," says Ebetuel "Beto" Pallares, executive director of the TransPecos/El Paso Regional Center of Innovation and Commercialization. "It allows for specialization and a faster pace of growth."

Experience Needed

I served eleven years in the active army branch. I trained as an automated logistics specialist. During my military ventures, I have ordered million dollars worth of equipment. I tracked parts from their origin to their destination. If those parts have not reached its estimated arrival destination in time; I went through rigorous methods to expedite them to the soldiers on the battlefield. Logistics was a part of my daily life. I lived and breathed the mission and experience that betrothed me. What I had learned about being a logistician in the military is that it’s not much difference from the civilian sector. A company will not have to spend much time training me upon hiring me. I should be able to outshine my peers. My experience alone will be my advantage until I earn my degree.


Now let’s negate everything I mentioned prior to this paragraph, what if I chose to leave this career field? My answer to that question is “nothing”; it is all up to me. Even if I don’t have experience in another career field; if I choose to reinvent myself into a career I am passionate about I should succeed. Since I am prior military, I like...

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