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Logistics Modeling Essay

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Logistics Modelling

Assessment 1

This assessment is worth 5% of the total unit mark.

Submittal details:

1.Submit your report as a softcopy to the submission box on the unit’s Moodle webpage. The logic flow diagram in Problem 2 can be handwritten but it must be attached to the report.

2.Submit the SIMUL8 file from Problem 3 in *.S8 format to the submission box on the unit‘s Moodle webpage.

Please use your student ID number as your report filename and *.S8 filename (e.g. 351363.S8)

This is an individual assignment. Plagiarism or copying is not permitted and any offence will be dealt with under the University procedures.

Throughout this assessment please use the ...view middle of the document...

Use the pseudorandom numbers generated in part a) to generate the length of service for the first three customers.

[7 marks]


Problem 2

A bank is planning its requirements for ATMs (automated teller machines) in a new branch. There are spaces for up to six ATMs, not all of which have to be used. Three types of ATM can be purchased: general ATMs (giving cash balances, mini-statements and PIN change facilities), ATMs for paying money into accounts and ATMs that provide full account statements. The bank has a policy that customers should not wait for more than 5 minutes in the majority of cases (generally interpreted as 99%). Customers form different queues depending on their use of ATMs.

Develop a conceptual model for this problem outlining the objectives, inputs and outputs, model scope and level of detail (including a logic flow diagram), assumptions and simplifications.

Problem 3

In a candy shop, customers arrive at the shop according to an exponential distribution with mean time of 2 minutes. Cutomer service themselves by choosing the candy and filling their candy bag. The time of this self service follows a normal distribution with a mean of 3 minutes and a standard deviation of 2 minutes. Customers pay at one of two counters. If both counters are occupied, customers wait in one queue. The time to pay follows a normal distribution with a mean of 1 minute and a standard deviation of 0.4 minutes. Model this situation and run the simulation model for one hour, as well as predict the number of customers served. A hardcopy screenshot of your model should be provided in your report.

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