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Local State Federal Matrix Essay

1028 words - 5 pages

University of Phoenix Material

Government Comparisons Matrix

Based on the readings from State and Local Government, review and summarize how each issue is managed at the state and local levels. Write 50 to 70 words for each response.

|State |Local |Federal |How these entities |
| | | |cooperate |
|General |When it comes to general |Obviously, the local form|The federal government |These entities cooperate in|
|Responsibilities |responsibilities, there |of government has an |has control over both ...view middle of the document...

|overrule them. |government. |
|Policies or Laws |The state form of |Local governments decide |Federal laws apply to all|The entities of government |
| |government has the power |in which manner they use |people living in the |must work together in that |
| |to institute laws or |to make a local law. |United States, making its|they must be in direct |
| |policies. State |There are requirements |laws cover the greatest |communication with each |
| |legislatures create and |that the local government|amount of people when |other when creating |
| |pass bills, then the |must follow when creating|compared to state or |policies or laws. At |
| |governor signs them into |a law. They negotiate |local laws. Similar to |times, the federal |
| |law. State courts has |directly with the state |the state’s process, the |government will comply with|
| |the power to review the |government when making a |congress creates and |state and local laws, but |
| |laws and remove them if |law, and it must be |passes bills, then the |other times, the federal |
| |they see fit. State laws|drafted in accordance |President signs those |government will use its |
| |for the most part, apply |with the parliamentary |bills into law. Federal |precedence over them to |
| |only to the people living|counsel. |courts have the power to |enforce their laws when |
| |within that state. | |remove these laws if they|they see fit. |
| | | |feel they do not follow | |
| | | |the U.S. Constitution | |

|Elections and Voting |Various officials at the |At the local level, |The federal government is|The way that the entities |
| |state level are elected |county and city |known as a presidential |of government work together|
| |into office. The state |government positions are |system of government, |when it comes to elections |
| |legislatures and the |most often filled through|meaning the executive and|and voting is simple. Many|
| |governor are elected |an election process. An |legislature are elected |of the state and local |
| |separately. Governor and|example of a local |separately. Elections |governments will hold their|

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