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Local Policy Analysis

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Local Policy Analysis

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This is considered a cost of living adjustment. Approximately 199,000 workers will be affected and 16,000 more will see a raise regarding pay scales (Hanaver, Stieglitz, 2012). How it will affect the local government will be economic growth this means more money will be put back into the communities, also people will have a little more on his or hers paycheck to spend. The money is expected to be put back into goods and services in the state. There are still some states that have not provided a minimum wage raise or a cost of living increase. The minimum wage raise will boost income instead of losing workers (Hanaver, Stieglitz, 2012). As of January 1, 2013 there will be 19 states plus District of Columbia with minimum wage rates above the federal level of $7.25 an hour (Hanaver, Stieglitz, 2012). This will strengthen the buying power of lower income workers during the recession. Studies have shown that middle and high class jobs have lost 60% in the workforce (Hanaver, Stieglitz, 2012). The objective to the minimum wage increase is to help lower income workers with survival in society. Society has moved in the right direction since 1968 but still has a long way to go because in today’s society workers who earn minimum wage has less power of buying and purchasing than in the past with Martin Luther King Jr. society still have a long way to go since 1968 (Cohen, 2012). It seems as though society is moving backward instead of forward (Cohen, 2012). It is our responsibility to complete what Dr. King has begun to ensure that all American has the same opportunity and the ability to have honest work, equal, and fair wages, affordable housing, and the opportunity and the ability to earn enough money to enjoy a decent lifestyle (Cohen, 2012) The federal minimum policy is for addressing difficulties for low income families. Also helps the economy bringing money back to spend in the city. An increase in the minimum wage also gives an improved value to the dollar. Everyone is in agreement with the minimum wage increase because of the timing with the recession and the cost of living going up.
The minimum wage increase policy was developed through the cost of living increase. The minimum wage is the lowest amount an employer can pay hourly this wage is developed through the federal government. The living wage “It is a wage level that offers workers the ability to support families to maintain self respect and to have both the means and the leisure to participate in the civic life of the nation” (Glickman, 2007, pg.66). A minimum wage increase will help motivate more people to look for employment, which will help with the recession and give the current employees self respect among workers who will have high productivity, and lower absenteeism. With the minimum wage increase should not become a burden on the federal government because there is a budget specifically for the increase (Pollin, 2007). In the policy-making process the...

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