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Load Balancing Essay

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Load balancing is one of the main challenges in cloud computing which is required to distribute the dynamic workload across multiple nodes to ensure that no single node is overwhelmed .The goal of load balancing is to minimize the resource consumption which will further reduce energy consumption and carbon emission rate that is the dire need of cloud computing. This paper discusses the existing load balancing techniques in cloud computing and further compares them based on various parameters like performance, scalability, associated overhead etc.
Literature Survey Introduction
Cloud computing is emerging as a new paradigm of large-scale distributed computing. Load balancing is ...view middle of the document...

Need of Load Balancing in Cloud Computing
Load balancing in clouds is a mechanism that distributes the excess dynamic local workload evenly across all the nodes. It is used to achieve a high user satisfaction and resource utilization ratio, making sure that no single node is overwhelmed, hence improving the overall performance of the system. Proper load balancing can help in utilizing the available resources optimally, thereby minimizing the resource consumption. It also helps in implementing fail-over, enabling scalability, avoiding bottlenecks and over-provisioning, reducing response time etc. Apart from the above-mentioned factors, load balancing is also required to achieve Green computing in clouds which can be done with the help of the following two factors:
• Reducing Energy Consumption - Load balancing helps in avoiding overheating by balancing the workload across all the nodes of a cloud, hence reducing the amount of energy consumed.

• Reducing Carbon Emission - The energy consumption is reduced with the help of Loadbalancing, so is the carbon emission helping in achieving Green computing.
Existing Load Balancing Techniques in Cloud Computing
•Decentralized content aware load balancing
•Server-based load balancing for Internet distributed Services
•Central load balancing policy for virtual machines.
•LBVS: Load Balancing strategy for Virtual Storage.
•A Task Scheduling Algorithm Based on Load Balancing
•Active Clustering.
•ACCLB (Load Balancing mechanism based on ant colony and complex network theory)
Table for different load balancing techniques
Cloud data centers
1. First assigns idle
Effectively reduces the

processors to dispatchers
system load

for the availability of the
Incurs no communication

idle processors at

each dispatcher
at job arrivals

2. Then assigns jobs to
Does not increase actual

processors to reduce

average queue length of jobs

at each processor

LBVS: LB strategy
Cloud Storage
1. Uses Fair-Share
Enhances flexibility and
for Virtual Storage

Replication strategy to

achieve Replica Load
Provides large scale net

balancing module which
data storage

in turn controls the access
and storage as a service

load balancing

2. Uses writing balancing

algorithm to control

data writing load balancing

Task Scheduling
1. Uses Fair-Share
Enhances flexibility and
Based on LB

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