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Living On Campus Or Off? Essay

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1. Options
Which is better, living on campus or off? It’s a question that many Lobo students ask themselves each year and we decided to help by researching and recommending which one would be most effective.
2. Evaluation Criteria
To determine which option is better for the average college student, living on campus or living off, we narrowed down our criteria to the three that we believe are most important, cost, convenience and academic impact.
• Cost
When planning for college the first factor most think of is the cost. How much does it cost to live on campus? What is the average rent in the UNM area? What are the transportation costs? What are the extra hidden costs? With ...view middle of the document...

We created interview questions and interviewed two people, one currently living on campus and one currently living off campus. The two are reputable, good standing students and we have trust in them that their answers are truthful. Next we made some poll questions. So that we could get a diverse population for our poll we are asking both online and in class students so that our statistics can be balanced and as unbiased as possible.
4. Analyzing the Data
After gathering all the data from the research, interview and poll we interpreted the data for our evaluation criteria and compiled the results.
5. Recommendation
After we analyzed the data from our research we were able to come to the most ideal housing recommendation, which will be addressed in the recommendation section.

1. On Campus living
A. Cost
According to UNM’s housing website, the cost of living per month ranges between 911.00-1062.00, which includes housing, utilities and a meal plan. The unlimited meal plan according to UNM’s LoboCard website is 375.00 per month for 9 months. According to one of the students we interviewed living on campus was cheaper.
Housing Option Price Per month
(9 month contract)
Traditional Double 536.00
Traditional Single 600.00
Traditional Double LA/DV 555.00
Traditional Single LA/DV 616.00
Apartments (RVA/SRC) 687.00

B. Benefits
There are many different benefits to living on Campus some specific to UNM and others that can be found on most college campuses. According to the UNM housing website all their housing areas have or have access to:
• Free laundry facilities
• Basic Cable
• 24 hour computer pod with printer
• Utilities are included
• Campus shuttles
• 24 hour security
• 24 hour help desk
In addition to the specific benefits UNM offers there are also;
• Close to classes
• Everything is paid for with 1 easy payment at the beginning of the semesters
• Social (dances, intramural sports, movies and celebrations)
• It slowly introduces the student to life strategies
• Facilities to return to in-between classes
• Network of teachers, professors and support staff in walking distance.
• Furniture is included

C. Academic Impact
There have been numerous studies of the impact living situations on grades. According to a study done by the University of California there wasn’t a significant impact on GPA, however, there was a significant impact on retention of the students. The students who lived on campus as freshman were more likely to continue and graduate. A recent study done by Lobo Development reinforces the University of California’s findings, citing that the students frequent expose to a wide range of faculty and facilities in additional to social communities increase the students success. On the flip side of the studies the two students I interviewed both commented that neither of them noticed a change in their grades, however, one noticed an increase in absences.
2. Living off Campus
A. ...

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