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Living Large Essay

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1/ The strategy of Living Nation is at the start handle the concert making of the stars but after a while they changed to wanting to handle all the issues related to the stars and their carrier. For example the albums making, tours, video clips ect... Still, Connecting the fans to the artist is the main strategy.
And this new strategy gives Living Nation an advantage from the side of controlling the main stars and keeping them around the company so they will not have to go to another ...view middle of the document...

The "S" point the main point that his company will provide mainly, his point of strength. For the "w" point, thanks to the analysis he discovered the weakness of the company and tried to cover them and changed his goal so it suits the weakness. “O” opportunities taken and the chances to take them, to put the company in the head of the music business and became kind of a leader in that field. “T” Threats: know your competitors, the people that can compete with you in the field of music, and try to always predict the market so you can hold always the most important contract.

3/ The main goals:
* Improve the profitability of the existing core business.
* Extend relationships with artists and sponsors
* Develop Ticketing and online services
* Increase the global live music performs
* More buildings around the world.
Their strategy is to connect the artist to the fan. And that strategy is working since the contracts are in an increasing curve and they are having more success then before.

4/ The strategy of Mike Rapino is well guiding the company toward success. He’s company is becoming a leader in the field of music festivals and super stars are advising each other to work with him. His turnover is increasing each year and it’s the case for he’s assets around the...

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