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Little Essay

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Inequality of income' and 'equality of opportunities' in South East Asia

I believe that I live in a world full of opportunities and I get given these opportunities everyday. I believe that a  person is made by the opportunity that they take and I believe that they will only benefit from these opportunities that they partake in and create a future with these opportunities … 

 wait but what IF that hard work and perseverance was all for nothing and you get treated unfairly based on your gender, race or background at the end of the day.  Is that fair? 

Well my fellow people that is the society in which we live in. DO you want to change it cause I do, but I feel in order to change it we should start off with where we come from. I am a Malaysian and I would like to ...view middle of the document...

In order to tackle this problem we need to inform,invest,implement. Due to majority of the South East Asian country being Less economic develop we should inform the citizens the importance of education and how education is vital to achieving a better future, the government and the society should invest in building infrastructures for education and invest in scholarship Programs such as Kasana which we have here in school and the governments should implement compulsory education.

The government should also push for higher education, as the enrolment rate of secondary education in Malaysia is 50% and only 38% in Myanmar. A higher level of education will allow high quality jobs, which will mean that average income would increase and the government will collect higher amount of taxes which will benefit the society. 

But in order for society to succeed inequality of income should be extinguish this will allow further opportunities as well as it will create motivation for the people to work more efficient.You are all here probably think the inequality of income has decreased so the problem is solved. 

However did you know the the gini index has risen in the last 10 years for 38.5 to 41.5  this is an indication of the wealth gap between the rich and poor. Nepotism is one of the causes of inequality of income as it can leads to corruption. There is also a gender inequality in income there is -14% deficit of women’s  in gender gap in payroll in South East Asia. What are we doing? do you believe that person skin or gender affects one’s performance? 

  because I feel that we as human beings are taught to be caring and we are all instilled to know the difference between right and wrong and don’t you feel that we as human beings should fight for equal rights due to the fact that we are living in a globalized world.

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