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Literature Review

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effort to deal with diversity. A possible missing vinculum (link) between how an
organization deals with diversity and its impact on the bottomline is a corporate diversity strategy
that is executed using a planned change approach to systemically manage diversity. While many
organizations have implemented a corporate diversity strategy, most have not used a “planned
change-corporate diversity strategy”. The lack of a “planned change-corporate diversity strategy”
is quite likely to inhibit managing diversity from becoming systemic to an organization’s culture
and its way of doing business, thus tending to disallow the potential benefits of diversity to be

diversity is a ...view middle of the document...

While there may not be much empirical evidence to substantiate claims that
effectively managed diversity directly leads to bottomline increases (Chatman
et al., 1998; Richard, 2000; Stark, 2001), there is real-world evidence (e.g.
Coca-Cola, Denny’s, Publix, and Texaco settlements) to suggest that not
effectively managing gender and racioethnic diversity has been, and can be,
detrimental to organizations and their bottomlines. Thus, it is a logical
extrapolation that an organization’s ability or inability to create a culture in
which diversity is systemically acknowledged, valued, and effectively
managed is more likely to determine the affects diversity will have on it’s

The purpose of the planned change-corporate diversity
strategy is to align the organization’s diversity initiatives (designed to manage
diversity) with the organization’s strategic goals, and ultimately make
managing diversity an integral part of the organization’s culture. An aligned
planned change-corporate diversity strategy will contribute immensely to the
long-term effectiveness of diversity initiatives aimed at better managing all of
the organization’s human resources. This is especially significant for
organizations with a highly diversified workforce. With a planned
change-corporate diversity strategy, diversity initiatives are aligned with
organizational policies, procedures, and systems. Such alignment is desired to
systemically reinforce an organizational culture that encourages the effective
management of all employees in order to garner diversity’s purported benefits,
including the end goal of increasing the bottomline. Thus, frameworks are
presented for using a planned change-corporate diversity strategy to: advance
from the initial passive states of acknowledging and valuing diversity to the
final active state of managing diversity on the “diversity continuum”; and
systemically manage diversity using the specific eight-step “managing
diversity process”.

By the very nature of their definitions, valuing and
managing diversity are distinctly different. Valuing refers to the relative worth,
importance, or significance of something, whereas managing refers to taking
charge or coordinating and supervising situations. Given these definitions,
valuing diversity should be considered a more passive phenomenon, where
importance or significance is given to individuals’ differences, which does not
automatically lead to visible actions or reactions on the part of the individuals
valuing the diversity or differences. Managing diversity, on the other hand,
should be considered an active phenomenon, which involves supervising or
coordinating and directing the diversity or differences...

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