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Lit One Essay

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During the early 1600s Western Europe wasn’t the only area to explore and grow; Native American lacked the knowledge of a written language but was still able to adjust to their cultural fully. However this period was known as the Renaissance. At the age of 16 a man by the name of John Smith ran off to sea. A scoundrel he was became a pirate, poet, trader, and a solider. Mr. Smith then ventured off to the Virginia Colony where he later joined what is known as the Virginia Company only to make the ...view middle of the document...

He also complained about these ritual-driven meeting and how it took a long period of time to get things straight or taking care of.
On the other hand a man name William Bradford a Godly sincere person who believes in religion, prays a lot and gives God all the thanks for blessing him with fertile land keeping him safe. Bradford was an architect of the Mayflower Covenant. The mayflower covenant is simply an agreement between settlers who has rested on “the Glory of God and advancement of the Christian Faith in which the Country and king is honor. He also creates boundaries of how the native and people of Plymouth should treat each other. Looking at how these two mean were so different at the same time, seeing things so differently seems so ironic today.

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