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Lisa Benton Case Analysis

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Lisa Benton Case Analysis

Effective leadership creates successful teamwork; it’s the formula that every leader must understand in order to win in the 21st century. The relationship between the effectiveness of an individual as a leader and the creation of successful teamwork becomes the secret of a successful business. Effective leaders understand more than ever the importance of teamwork in the corporate organization and how the concept can impact every winning element of the organization. The relationships between team members and how leadership competencies can harmonize these people toward a specific goal become the foundation of all leadership development and people ...view middle of the document...

On the other hand, the team is dysfunctional because of the lack of an effective leadership. Charlie doesn’t prepare the organization for change and does not help his team accept what the company is going through to help them properly cope with it and collectively look for solutions for the way forward. Instead, Charlie fails as a leader to make smart positive communication. He made the first mistake when he called the group together to communicate the news about losing the Stay & Shop. The mood was somber as Charlie called the group together to “mourn” (Sloane, “The Chattanooga Ice Cream Division,” HBR, p.1). Charlie as a leader was supposed to inject his team with positive energy. “Positive energy is the ability to get other people revved up. People who energize can inspire their team to take on the impossible—and enjoy the hell out of doing it” (Jack Welch, Winning, p.84). Charlie was supposed to set the tone for change and align people to positively accept it. “Leaders align people” (Kotter, “What Leaders Really Do,” HBR, p. 90).
The team is dysfunctional because Charlie doesn’t develop an environment of trust and candor, where his people don’t hold back. As an example of this, Charlie had several meetings with his team to ask them what their thoughts were about how to compete. For the first time in four years, his team began to “speak openly, argue and debate” (Jack Welch, Winning, p. 34) about new ideas and brainstorm for possible solutions to allow their company to compete. When discussions appeared heated, Charlie repeatedly stepped in and diverted the discussion by saying that the team needed to take a break and reconvene. He was not aware that brainstorming in an open discussion and exchanging ideas and perspectives are effective approaches in the principles of teamwork.
This team is facing difficulty committing to any solution as they don’t feel they are empowered. For Charlie to compete, he must set a clear vision and inspire his people to align around it by creating a healthy environment where people feel their input is valued, so they feel empowered with a sense of commitment to act.
Although Charlie mentally goes through the performance of his department heads, but he does not provide feedback to them. “Leaders relentlessly upgrade their team, using every encounter as an opportunity to evaluate, coach, and build self-confidence” (Jack Welch, “Rule 1,” Winning, p. 65).
Charlie does not try to understand the customer’s reasons to leave, giving his staff members a chance to begin to volunteer their own interpretations about the customer’s decision to leave, which affects the working environment negatively.
As far as decision making is concerned, according to the Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument, Charlie has an avoidance style, for he continually works to sidestep issues and make decisions. A clear example of Charlie being avoidant is when his team began to discuss options and ideas about how they can better compete...

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