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List of Major IT Companies in Chandigarh
IT Companies In Chandigarh
Major IT Companies in Chandigarh:
 Infosys Technologies Limited
 IBM Daksh
 Net Solutions
 ICICI Prudential (for Software Development)
 Onicra
 QA Infotech
 Winshuttle
 Taurus Agile
 eSys Technologies Limited
 A1 Tehcnology
 IndiWork Software Solutions Private Limited
 Netgains Network Solution
 Promatics Information Services
 Soft Solutions
 Systeam
 UniSolsInfosyatems
 Voicepack Infotech Private Limited
 Boss Computers
 Chandigarh Infotech Centre
 Drish Infotech
 Inde-Dutch System India
 Seasia Consulting
 Surya Infonet
 SmartData
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No. Company Address Pers. Profile Skills /Resumes of
1 Ahead SoftPro Solutions # 2096,
Sector: 21-C
10 We Develop Customized
Softwares. We develop softwares
in Financial Accounting System,
Restaurants Billing, Billing System
for Manufacturing units, Factories,
Export Import, CABs, Mobile
Stores, Retail Outlets, ERP, CRM,
2 Ayushveda Informatics India Pvt LTd 296, Industrial
Area, Phase 2
60 The company has many web
portals with information on topics
that includes - Health, Beauty
Care, Fashion, Pregnancy, Diet,
Education & Career Development,
Travel Destinations.
3 Batish technologies SCO 182, 2nd
Sector 38 C
40 It is a software solutions and IT
Consulting Company serving
clients across US, UK and
4 Bay Infocomm Pvt Ltd SCO 120-121,
Top Floor,
Sector 8 C,
Madhya Marg
45 Bay Info comm is recognized
internationally for bringing high-end
Web Strategy and Development
Services to our clients worldwide.
Our managers are key contributors
to our success and have access to
senior management in India and
5 Blue Beacon Group Blue Beacon
100 Provides cost-effective software
solutions for Education erp,
Institute erp, Campus erp, College
erp, university erp, Higher
Education erp
6 Clergy Software Technologies Pvt Ltd Sco 231, 2nd
Floor, sector
15 Clergy Softwares was founded in
2006 and is an off spring of a team
of motivated software
programmers. In the present ultra
modern world our belief in focusing
our all energies towards this
7 Contact Bridge ITES Pvt Ltd Plot no. 227 ,
Phase 9 ,
Area ,
65 A Software Development company
8 E-Manage ERP Software 57-B Shastri
Model Town
150 PRODUCTS:-eManage ERP
Software, eManage Human
Resource/ Payroll Software,
eManage Production Management
Software, eManage Knitting
Management Software, eManage
Garments Management Software,
9 ENest SCO 17, 2nd
Floor, Sector
39, Urban
20 It is a young but professionally
managed IT Company, which
provides customised web based
solutions. We are a group of
experienced professionals with rich
experience in diversified domains.
10 Git System India E-51 ind area
15 It is a software development and
outsourcing company head office
in Canada(bc)
11 IdeaSpace Technologies SCO 311 First
Sector 40D
15 Idea space Technologies is a new
emerging Software Development
and Consultation firm in region.
The personalities behind
constitution and management of
company are having great
experience in government, Semi
Government and International
12 IndiWork Software Solutions Pvt Limited SCF 16, III
Phase 3B2
15 IndiWork develops,...

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