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Life On Kepler Essay

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Life on Another Planet

Created by:
Clinton Wall
Larry Boggs
Sheila Campbell

Kepler system is made up of many planets: approximately 69 of them. Many have the same structure as the Earth, such as, it has the capability to hold water like an ocean, and has an atmosphere some-what like the Earth.

Kepler-22b is a planet roughly 600 light years away from earth and is approximately 2.4 earth’s size. It takes on the same similarities as the earth. It shows that is has clouds which offers us the distinction that is has an atmosphere with the capability of having oxygen to breath without the need of special equipment. Which could save us tremendous amounts of money to be able ...view middle of the document...

This will be needed to grow plants, trees, vegetables, for oxygen and food. Not only would you use this for food, it would be an invaluable source of energy.
To help with the preservation of the planet as a whole, you would build greenhouses powered by solar energy. The solar power would allow you to keep a steady temperature to aide in the growth and development of our plant, thus ensuring a steady source of food. In addition, if the greenhouses are built near a body of water, there would be less energy involved in pumping the water to the greenhouse, thus making our new planet, Kepler-22b, even more energy efficient and cleaner than the one we currently live on.
Since the discovery of the Kepler-22 system, there has been a number of planets located with the same characteristics. Some have been found to be smaller, while others are larger; even some doubling the size of the earth’s radial structure. They most all orbit their star like earth orbits its own star, the sun. At this point in time, we have not found any information to show evidence that that are any moons on...

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