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Life Of A Counselor Essay

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Life of a Counselor
Coun. 6100-9, Introduction to Mental Health Counseling
Kevin Feisthamel
Pattie Smith
November 13, 2014

Life of a Counselor
As a mental health counselor one can choose what theories of practice they follow or they can have an eclectic combination of theories they utilize determined by the client and what their needs are. The professional counselor can choose what demographic of the population they want to work with and specialize in that. Or the professional counselor can broaden their practice and work with all different clients, experiencing encounters with different ages of people with different diagnosis. The truth is that a day in the life ...view middle of the document...

Two hours later she leaves the court house and heads for Millersberg where she has two clients who live in the rural community. She quickly grabs a lunch to eat on the way.
Upon arriving there she drives into the country and visits an eight year old boy who has anger-management issues with his peers at school. He has been having trouble with fighting and it is causing disruption in the classroom. Upon arriving she finds that the boy is at home, having been suspended from school for a few days due to fighting. She sits and talks with him about what happened. After allowing him to share his story, she reminds him of some of the methods he could use to calm down before he winds up getting physical with his school mates.
After her session with him she speaks with his grandmother who is raising him. She gets authorization to speak with the school officials about his anger issues and makes a note to contact the school the next day. When she has left the house, she takes the time to pull off the road and make some notes in her tablet.
She then goes to the other child’s house. This is a three year old who told her mother that a neighbor had touched her inappropriately. She greeted the mother and then took the child into the toy room and spent some time in play therapy. They did some coloring and she observed as the child drew on her tablet. After asking questions, she noted that the child was coloring a lot of the page black. After a few minutes she spends some time talking with the mother, asking about whether the child was eating like normal, if there was a problem with sleep disturbance, and how she interacted with the other members of the family.
When she leaves she drives back to the office and finishes her notes. She sees a client who has a late appointment due to work schedules. The client is a teenage boy who has been displaying mood disorders and becoming difficult to work with at home. They talk about school, when he talks. He seems withdrawn and resists making eye contact with her. He fidgets and uses only one word or two word responses most of the time when she asks questions. He isn’t very giving with information, but she feels like she making progress with the answers she does receive. The family does not know what is going on and she knows that it could take a bit before she is able to get to the root of why the behavioral changes have been happening. After he leaves she finishes her notes and then locks her records in the locking cabinet and then locks the door.
Dana drives home in silence and enjoys the peace and quiet. When she gets home she changes her clothes and goes out to check on her horses and goats. Then she comes in and fixes her dinner. She turns the ringer down on her cell phone, unplugs the house phone, and watches a movie. This is Dana’s way of relaxing after a busy day working being an advocate for her clients and helping them and their families.
Counseling vs. Psychotherapy
Dana feels that what...

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