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American Ways Chapter One Class Guide
Dr. Wilma Parker

1. Life in the United States; A Nation of Immigrants

1. What are two important factors that influence the beliefs, values, motivations and behaviors of the American people? Give examples of how these factors might influence.

2. What was the population of the US in 1815 and where did most immigrants come from and settle? And, what about 2010? Same two questions.

In 1815 populaton was 8.4 million and immigrants were northern Europe.
In 2010 population was 39.9 million from Latin America

3. Zangwill described America as a “Melting Pot.” What exactly did he mean?
Diversity of culture.

4. Describe the general pattern of immigration between 1815 and 2010. Has it always been steady, or have the patterns of ...view middle of the document...

S almost doubled .
8. Which of these two minority groups is currently largest: African-American or Latino?
9. How might the increase in Spanish-speaking immigrants influence the US as we know it?
Because latin counrties immigrated a lot
10. Between 1990 and 2010 what happened to the number of foreign-born living in the US?
11. What group outpaced Hispanics in immigrating to the US in 2010?
12. When do the textbook authors believe the white majority will fall below 50%?

2. Cultural Pluralism in the US; Making Generalizations About American Beliefs

13. Should the US be required to offer driving tests in languages other than English? Why or why not?
Yes because dozen of immigrants live here.

14. What, according to the authors, proves that the US of today is more “racially accepting” than it was previously?

15. What is the ethnic background of President Barack Obama?

White mother and black father.(bi-racail)

16. What distinguished the 2010 census from previous census?
The same (308,745,538.)

17. Generally speaking, what/who is an American? Does this term refer only to those born in the US?


18. Define: Cultural Pluralism. Diversity of culture.

19. Who was Tocqueville and what was significant about his findings? Do his findings still stand today, and if so, identify some.

He was Frenchman. He wrote the book called democracy in America

20. What language problem has caused misunderstanding amongst people from Canada, the US, and Central and South America?

3. Making Generalizations About American Beliefs

21. Is it possible to make generalizations about American beliefs?

22. How many generations does it take before people whose families immigrated here consider themselves “Americans?”
One generation.

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