Life Coach: Drug Issues Essay

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Life Coach: Drug Issues

Jared Hall

Kaplan University


Professor Gregg

August 8, 2011

Life Coach: Drug Issues
Dear Tom,
As someone I have been friends for over ten years, it has not been easy for me to see you make some bad choices in your life. In the last few years, you have been arrested on multiple occasions for having possession of illegal drugs; you have lost your wife, and visitation rights for you to be able to see your kids until you straighten up your life. But you have been making improvements such as going to drug rehab and trying to find a job. Just to be clear, a life coach is not a therapist. It’s someone that is a friend who ...view middle of the document...

It will be hard work, but with a life coach and taking the hero’s journey one step at a time it will be rewarding you in the long run.
The first stop of the hero’s journey is known as the ordinary world. This part is when you come to realize what really your struggle in your life is. For many years you have struggle with the temptation to take drugs, although you have take classes to help you, it seems like you are always going back to the beginning. As part of the first stop of this journey you need to reflect back in your personal background life to be able to take the next step to crossing the threshold (Hero’s journey outline (n.d)
The call to the adventure and the refusal of the call: the steps of the journey are two stages that go together. The call to the adventure means that the person that is part of the journey decides to take the call and accepts the challenge to go through the hero’s journey. The refusal of the call is when the person declines and refuses to continue to go forward on the journey.(Hero’s journey outline (n.d). This is like the first step of the twelve step program that you went through already, and it is admitting that you cannot control your own addiction (How does the 12 step work(n.d)
After you pass the two stages of the hero’s journey, you enter the next stage known as meeting the mentor (Hero’s journey outline (n.d). I know that you have gone through the twelve step program to help you step away from your drug addiction, but I feel like it has not worked to the full extent. Having a mentor will allow you to have someone supporting you...

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