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Life As A Baller Essay

754 words - 4 pages

1 Lionel Messi Forward Barcelona Argentina 25
2 Cristiano Ronaldo Forward Real Madrid Portugal 27
3 Xavi Midfielder Barcelona Spain 32
4 Andres Iniesta Midfielder Barcelona Spain 28
5 Zlatan Ibrahimovic Forward PSG Sweden 31
6 Radamel Falcao Forward Atletico Madrid Colombia 26
7 Robin van Persie Forward Man Utd Netherlands 29
8 Andrea Pirlo Midfielder Juventus Italy 33
9 Yaya Toure Midfielder Man City Ivory Coast 27
10 Edinson Cavani Forward Napoli Uruguay 25
11 Sergio Aguero Forward Man City Argentina 24
12 Iker Casillas Goalkeeper Real Madrid Spain 31
13 Neymar Forward Santos Brazil 20
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Karim Benzema Forward Real Madrid France 24
36 Cesc Fabregas Midfielder Barcelona Spain 25
37 Oscar Midfielder Chelsea Brazil 21
38 Fernandinho Midfielder Shakhtar Donetsk Brazil 27
39 Javier Mascherano Defender/midfielder Barcelona Argentina 28
40 Gareth Bale Defender Tottenham Wales 23
41 Javier Zanetti Defender/midfielder Internazionale Argentina 39
42 Daniele De Rossi Midfielder Roma Italy 29
43 Dani Alves Defender Barcelona Brazil 29
44 Petr Cech Goalkeeper Chelsea Czech Republic 30
45 Mats Hummels Defender Borussia Dortmund Germany 24
46 Carles Puyol Defender Barcelona Spain 34
47 Angel Di Maria Midfielder Real Madrid Argentina 24
48 Carlos Tevez Forward Man City Argentina 28
49 Didier Drogba Forward Shanghai Shenhua Ivory Coast 34
50 Giorgio Chiellini Defender Juventus Italy 28
51 Marcelo Defender Real Madrid Brazil 24
52 Stephan El Shaarawy Forward Milan Italy 20
53 Toni Kroos Midfielder Bayern Munich Germany 22
54 Samuel Eto’o Forward Anzhi Makhachkala Cameroon 31
55 Jordi Alba Defender/midfielder Barcelona Spain 23
56 Mario Gomez Forward Bayern Munich Germany 27
57 Arturo Vidal Midfielder Juventus Chile 25
58 Eden Hazard Midfielder Chelsea Belgium 21
59 James Rodriguez Midfielder Porto Colombia 21
60 Marouane Fellaini Midfielder Everton Belgium 25
61 Ramires Midfielder Chelsea Brazil 25
62 David Villa Forward Barcelona Spain 31
63 Klaas Jan Huntelaar Forward Schalke Netherlands 29
64 Nemanja Vidic Defender Man Utd Serbia 31
65 Joe Hart Goalkeeper Man City England 25
66 Arjen Robben Midfielder/forward Bayern Munich Netherlands 28
67 Mario Balotelli Forward Man City ...

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