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Liberty And Justice For All Essay

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Liberty and Justice for All
August 28, 2012

* I seem to use my reasoning skills (rationality) to determine what processes and systems should be put into place to assure fairness and justice for all the community (equality). Using reasoning skills and justice thoroughly explains why my personal preferred lens is the relationship lens. I seek to have relationships with others, especially the underprivileged. Great relationships are built while helping others who sometimes do not have the ability or resources to help themselves.
* My blind spot is overconfidence in a process. There is truth in this because I do overly trust in the “process”; the process of ...view middle of the document...

” Therefore, I am one to hold everyone accountable to standards, which is inclusive of me. If the rules are set for one, they must be set for all.
* Resultant behaviors as per the ELIR are isolation and guilt. Isolation has not been proven to be a resultant behavior as of yet and I really do not see that happening. Most people you find out there are looking for rules and structure; something that everyone can abide by. It has been tried and proven amongst some of my most rebellious friends and relatives. Guilt in the manner it is portrayed in the ELIR, “You will also feel guilty if you begin to resent that so few people you help seem grateful”, is not the type of guilt I feel. It makes my heart glad when I can help someone whether they say thank you or not. The reward I get is self-fulfillment, knowing that I helped someone achieve results that they may not have known how to achieve on their own. The guilt I really feel comes when trying to help someone, but to...

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