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Liberia Essay

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Located on the Western Coast of Africa, the rather small country of Liberia extends across three hundred sixty miles along the Atlantic Ocean. Nestled on the ocean by Sierra Leone, Guinea, and Cote d’Ivoire, and just above the equator Liberia covers only 43,000 miles , which is only equates to about a third of a percent of Africa’s total size. Divided into fifteen different counties all with their own capitals and sub districts, from some that have dated back one hundred fifty years to a county that dates back only nine years, Liberia is a country with many different people.
With a diverse climate, Liberia’s coastal plains, tropical rainforests, plateaus, as well as low mountains provide ...view middle of the document...

The decline of Liberia began in the late 1960’s and 1970’s when the world prices of Liberia’s main exports, iron ore and natural rubber took a severe turn for the worst. Currently the currency of the Liberian dollar is at 65:1 when compared to the United States dollar. Today, rice is a very important part of Liberian life. A lot of the population is made up of substance farmers who only grow enough food to feed themselves, and rice is able to grow very well during the rainy months and is able to feed a family.
According to the 2008 United States Census 3,476,608 people call Liberia their home. About one third of the population lives in Montserrado County, where which lies the capital city, Monrovia. As of 2006 Liberia has the highest birthrate in the world where almost forty-five percent of the population is fourteen or under . Although most African countries with a low birthrate are notoriously part of the southern countries of Africa, in Liberia the average life expectancy is fifty-one years old. The national language is English, because there were so many different ethnic groups in Liberia, and because the United States set up a colony for freed slaves that came from the U.S.
There is not one very dominant religion in Africa, there are two. About forty percent of the population worships traditional and indigenous religions, while at the same time forty percent of the population also worshiped Christianity. The final twenty percent of the population followed the Muslim religion, and now more than ever education is playing a vital role of improving the life of people in Liberia. Although Africa has been known to be very susceptible to the term, “brain drain”, where African students who attend one of the six colleges including the University of Liberia leave the country for better opportunities, bringing down the amount of well educated citizens within Liberia .
From the fourteenth to the sixteenth century Liberia was just south west of the two very powerful empires in Western Africa, the Mali Empire and the Songhai Empire. As people moved out of the Mali Empire they moved south to countries including Liberia, and as the Mali Empire was taken over by the Songhai Empire they also moved to Liberia. This immigration into Liberia brought about new skills, products, and ideas which helped the development of Liberia.
Through the American Colonization Society the United States was able set up a colony in Liberia to bring freed African slaves back to Africa. Many famous names including Henry Clay thought that it would be better for African slaves to go back to Africa due to the assumption an African would not fit with the American people. Americo-Liberians as they were called were shipped to Liberia in hopes of a new society that they were looking forward to living in. Although the separation from the new “Americans” and the natives of Liberia forced them both to live apart, but the smaller minority of Americo-Liberians set out to conquer...

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