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Lexmark Canada Case Study

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Lexmark Canada
Case Study

The Lexmark Corporation is a financially strong organization that was spun off from the IBM Corporation to be a standalone business and this has caused some restructuring within the company. The sales department underwent a major shift from individual compensation packages to a team compensation concept that was not immediately embraced by everyone in the organization which led to some defections and put the company in a position to be short staffed. This raised questions about the concept itself and whether it was a workable plan and also if the compensation is an adequate motivator and measure of personal performance. The analysis of this case really comes to ...view middle of the document...

The concept that Jim Collins brought forth in his video was the “Who First” which applies to this dilemma, without the right people buying into the team concept the company will have problems. Another thing Jim Collins talked about that is relevant to this study is his five keys to hiring. “Share core values of the company, You don’t have to manage the right people, Best in their field or could become, Have a responsibility not a job and Knowing what you know would you rehire.” (Collins, 2009) Gord MacKenzie and Yves Gagnon have to decide about the hiring of people that fit these five keys because of the short staffing problem and quotas to meet they need, “the right people in the right seats on the bus” as Mr. Collins would say and in a timely manner.
The opportunity that has presented itself in the form of needing new hires also brings with it a chance to get some new ideas or “new blood” so to speak into the Lexmark Salesforce. “Diversity is a means of both broadening and bettering one's workforce.” (Entrepreneur, 2008) The term diversity not only refers to a person’s background or color, but also to their job and life experiences. We all have differing views about situations and solutions to problems that are based from our experiences, so with that the learning process continues and by sharing those ideas the company can and will become stronger. Differing views, when used constructively, can bring forth innovation, compromise and growth that can achieve personal as well as company goals and objectives.
In getting the right people many factors are considered by the employer and the prospective employee. Compensation is high on the list, for some personal growth or achievement and still others seem to be driven by peer acceptance as being one of the best. These motivations need to be addressed going forward and one way is by offering support and continuing education. “Continuing education opportunities include a tuition-reimbursement program for external courses and degrees.” (Lexmark, 2013) That is not all they offer because internally they offer a program called Technical Rotation. “The purpose of this program is to recruit and hire top, diverse, entry-level talent and expose them to various parts of the business to better prepare them for future leadership roles (technical and/or managerial).” (Lexmark, 2013) Knowing what employees want or need will also help get the most from them after the hiring process is complete because they will feel more engaged and part of the team and that is what makes the team sales concept work…team first people.
Lexmark seems to use a Transactional Style of leadership and that does not always work for everyone in the organization. This punishment/reward style leaves some people to do just enough to not get yelled at while a Transformational Style would allow them to use Leader-Member Exchange Model. “Leader-Member Exchange Model focuses on the relationships in each salesperson-sales manager dyad.”...

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