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Letter To The Freshman Essay

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I am sure that you have seen the movies where everyone is broken off into their own little groups. Also I realize they have gotten you pretty anxious about your freshman year of highschool, but no need to worry! For the most part the movies are overly clichéd lies. In reality there are only three groups of people and within those groups are many sub-groups. I don’t much though into sub-groups though, since virtually everyone from the same group gets along.
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Contrary to the beliefs of many, populars are not a select few, but majority of the population. The pops are just as you might expect; crude, annoying, vicious, disruptive, think much too highly of themselves, etc… I would continue, but then this letter would never end. Now, something you may not believe is that they actually get better grades than some of the smarter kids in this school. Not because the pops are by any means smart, but because they actually choose to do the dumb-downed, simplistic work teachers handout now-a-days. Though the schoolwork incredibly easy, pops find it to be increasingly challenging. Popular girls will most likely get pregnant early on and be force to drop-out of either highschool, or college. They will most likely end-up as a stay at home mom, or a cashier at some store, or fast food place. Popular guys will either be a drop-out so they can raise money to support their family, or they will ditch the girl and go on to be a sports star or an actor. Surely there will be a few who change their ways and escape this fate, but not many.
The second group of people are within the top percentile of the school and you’ll probably find their schedules full of A.P., honors and college-based classes. These over achievers are known as the ivy leagues (leaguers); they are on honor-roll

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