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Letter Of Appointment Essay

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Letter of Appointment

Sunshine Company
182 Time Street, Pasig City, Philippines
Tel: 123 – 456 – 789 Fax: 123 – 456 – 780

September 5, 2014
Ace D. Gold
Lot 13 Block 8 Hagen Street, Mercedes Village
Cainta, Rizal

Dear Mr. Ace,

On behalf of Sunshine Company, we hereby inform that you are appointed as Financial Analyst in our organization. Details as follows:
Position: Financial Analyst
Monthly Salary: P 45,000
Annual Bonus: Will be based on your performance

If you have any kind of question or ...view middle of the document...

Thank you very much for the opportunity.
I am accepting your offer with complete and careful understanding of all your terms and policies. I am certain to join you starting from October 8, 2014 for full time position. I am really thrilled for being a part of your reputable company and will do my best to add strength to your workforce.

Sincerely yours,

Levine Villavert
Human Resource Department Head
Letter of Appointment - Rejection

Sunshine Company
182 Time Street, Pasig City, Philippines
Tel: 123 – 456 – 789 Fax: 123 – 456 – 780

September 7, 2014

Dear Ma’am,

I appreciate the time for the interview and thank you for the good offer of employment as Financial Analyst in your reputable company. But I need to decline your offer because I already accepted the position offered by the other company. The decision was not made easy as I do respect your company that serves for many years.
Thank you for considering me for this position and I wish that you can find as soon as possible a candidate to fill the position.

Sincerely yours,

Levine Villavert
Human Resource Department Head

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