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Lesson Plan for Grade 1
I. Objectives:
At the end of 60 minutes, the pupils will be able to:
A. Read unfamiliar words in the story.
B. Arrange the events on how the story happened.
C. Recognize words that show the degrees on comparison in descriptive words.
D. Draw a picture of their dream house

II. Subject Matter:
Title of the Story: “ Rich Richie”
Author: Aina Enriquez
Materials: storybook, cartolina, flashcards, manila paper
Value Focus: Being ...view middle of the document...

Lesson Proper
1. Motivation
“Picture Puzzle Game”
Distribute picture puzzle in each group.

2. Presentation
A. Storytelling: “Rich Richie”
Guide Questions:
1. Who are the main characters in the story?
2. What kind of friends does Ara chooses?
3. Where did Richie took Ara?
4. Does Richie helps in their household chores?
5. What did Ara realize after staying at Richie’s house?

3. Discussion
Degrees of comparison in descriptive words.

good | better | best |
easy | easier | easiest |

POSITIVE DEGREE- is used when simply describing persons or things.
COMPARATIVE DEGREE- is used when comparing two persons or things.
SUPERLATIVE DEGREE- is used when comparing three or more persons or things.

IV. Evaluation

Direction: Identify in what degree of comparison is the underlined words in the sentence.

______________ 1. Katherine is smarter than Ana.
______________ 2. Lebron is the tallest player in their team.
______________ 3. Princess is pretty.
______________ 4. Anne is smarter than her sister.
______________ 5. Ina is rich.
______________ 6. Dennis is the happiest student in their class.

V. Enrichment
Poster Making: Draw a picture of your dream house on a piece of bond paper.

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