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Legalization of Marijuana
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The Legalization of Marijuana
When an issue receives mixed feedback or stirs up arguments from two different points of views there becomes such a thing called controversy. The legalization of marijuana has always been an issue for many; however they only are basing facts upon it being illegal, so it must be dangerous for the human body? Wrong, the world is so blinded by ignorance that they can’t see statics about alcohol and cigarettes being more harmful to the body and people are dying every day because of these two legal substances. This illicit drug has and can help many medical patients that have been ...view middle of the document...

Whereas Marijuana is directly from the cannabis plant which contains the chemicals and particles on the plant that make up marijuana. This illicit drug isn’t used to make you feel invincible like other drugs tend to do, it just allows your body to feel relaxed and wind down from your day. For example many people when they get off from work like to have a beer or glass of wine, marijuana users, use it for that exact reason, just needing to relax and take the edge off a bit. Marijuana has never had any effects where it makes the users become addicts, just some cases when you stop using this “drug” it makes your body have withdrawals and some mood swings can occur. It’s very frustrating to many people out in the world that smoke marijuana but know that it’s illegal and can potentially put them in danger. Smoking cigarettes with tobacco and drinking alcohol is okay because it’s “legal” and is government approved. Believe it or not the most two harmful things you can put in your body that are legal for everyone to use is tobacco and alcohol. It’s been proven that there have been more deaths because of drunk drivers, and alcohol poising or even overdosing. Not to mention that tobacco is the number one cause of many people in the world. It’s the most harmful thing to do to your lungs and eventually can cause many people to have lung cancer, just like my aunt who passed away because of smoking her whole life. Not one case study has shown or proven that anyone has died because of being too high and driving off a cliff or overdosing on it. It’s always going to be much safer on the health and physical capabilities for the body.
Marijuana has many positive effects on the human body, people are just too naïve and ignorant to actually listen to all the great things it can do for someone, even has saved people’s lives. In particular, it helps out in the medical field quite immensely for cancer treated patients. There are lesser side effects on the body versus taking medications that have the risk of getting liver damage or kidney failure some medication can even result in death (Boulder Medical Marijuana). For most patients that have a trouble smoking this cannabis plant, they have made in available to either cook with it or bake with it. Some even offer already pre-made goodies for patients to ease away their pains. Marijuana is available in two different types, one is known to be called an indica which is more of a mild high and relaxes the body while the other one is a sativa which gives you more energy and for some people makes them more productive versus when they use the indica. For all card holders cannabis can help get rid of pain, it relaxes the body, increases appetite for some, gives your body a sense of comfort and makes all your senses feel more awake (Boulder Medical Marijuana). Those are the people who know the true effects it can have on someone and are the ones that preach to others about this magnificent plant. This illicit drug has been...

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