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Legal, Safety, And Regulatory Requirements Essay

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Human Resource Management Roles


Human Resource Management Roles

The human resources department in a health care setting is vital to the organizations success and plays a major role to on how successful the organization is. The human resources department will ensure the delivery of health care services and are responsible for optimal patient outcomes (Gomez-Mejia, 2010).
Human resources is also responsible for the safety and welfare of the employees it hires and retains and is also responsible for the continued education and accreditation of the organization. This paper is a brief overview of the human resources department and the functions it provides to an organization (Gomez-Mejia, 2010).

Nine Functional Roles of the Human Resource Department:
* Recruitment and selection:
This role deals with the retention of staff, reducing staff turnover, ...view middle of the document...

* Employee relations:
Include the interaction between employees and upper management. Successful human resources departments that are continually successful take a proactive approach.
* Labor relations:
Labor relations department deals with contract negotiations, grievances, union management relations, and with issues involving general labor by employees of the organization (Mostafa, 2009).
* Training and Development:
The human resources department ensures that each employee has ongoing training to help meet the needs of the organization and the employees.
* Employee health and safety:
There are three major obligations employers have: 1.) to provide a safe and healthy work environment. 2.) To comply with occupational safety and health standards. 3.) To keep records of occupational injuries and illnesses such as blood borne pathogens.
* Performance management:
Performance management is responsible for the performance of the organizations employees. The issuing of awards, monetary prizes, and so forth (Gomez-Mejia, 2010).

The human resources department is the department that has the most influence on ensuring that the values of the organization are realized. It is also the department that continually keeps the employee’s wages and benefits in line.
The human resources department plays a major role within any organization. A successful H.R. department can make the organization a viable successful company with well treated employees.


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