Legal Feasibility Essay

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Legal feasibility
To successfully develop The Hearty Meal in McDonald’s Malaysia, it is vital that the production of this meal must abide the rules and regulations of Malaysia.
First of all, McDonald’s must acquire a trademark for The Hearty Meal to distinguish it from any other fast food meal in the industry. Trademark is a symbol, word that is legally registered to represent a company or product. A trademark should be given to The Hearty Meal as it is a new product that is modified from the Happy Meal.
Besides getting a trademark, it is compulsory that the Hearty Meal must be Halal certified by JAKIM as Malaysia ...view middle of the document...

There must be food safety management systems in place that includes Quality Assurance Program (QAP), a verified Hazard Analysis Control Point (HACCP) plan and a crisis management as well as food security programs. To ensure this, McDonald’s use only approved colouring and ingredients. Besides that, McDonald’s uses good grades eggs and chicken meat from its own poultry farm that is free from harmful chemical and all other meats from its own farm as an initiative to ensure the quality assurance.
Apart from the resources of food, the production of food maintains the same such that it requires that every piece of food to be served the same quality and consistency. Thus, each size, colour, cut, texture and freshness of al the products in the product mix must be identical in order to meet the expectations.
One of the factors that should be considered by McDonalds is the outsourcing measure. Outsourcing enables the companies to fully utilize their resources to perform their job efficiently by savings of cost and time. To do this, McDonalds would need to get into contract with some suppliers that can best produce the ingredients for The Hearty Meal at the lowest cost within the shortest period. McDonalds can consider to outsource the production of whole meal bread to Gardenia as they are a reputable company and are specializes in bread producing. Besides this, the milk production should outsource to Good Day as the cost of the milk are lower and the nutrients are richer.

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