Legal Considerations Essay

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Legal and Ethical Considerations
Jennifer Farlow
Mar 18, 2015
LEG 500

Intellectual Property is the work product of the human mind. Novels, paintings, computer programs, songs, and inventions are all examples. IP differs from other kinds of property in several ways. While often expensive and time consuming to generate, intellectual property can be quickly and easily copied. The legal framework that protects intellectual property has evolved over the years, as lawmakers have sought to promote commercial progress and enrich culture by rewarding inventors and creative people for their efforts. A person can create an original work fixed on a physical medium; the work ...view middle of the document...

Conscious people increasing day-by-day, but also outside of advertising ethics that much are neglected. Conscious consumers should become aware of advertising ethics and avoid consuming that product. But most people today together with cultural degeneration without seeing it is wrong, and sometimes these mistakes are followed approvingly. In Advertisements that are referenced in one of the biggest ethical wrong sometimes though they are not product-related 'Sexy Women' taking the figures in the foreground is the purpose of marketing the product. The host country to tax evasion and unethical activity (2.5%) (Topcu, 2013)
Vodafone, a telecommunication firm in Europe, is violating this rule also quite possible to see the latest ads. Vodafone implicitly criticizes in an ironic way to other operators of in the market. According to some of those viewers come funny, but it is not ethical. As you remember, an old in Pepsi's ads the little buy firstly Coca-Cola from the soda machine. Then he put it the Coca-Cola on the ground after that he steps on it to get the Pepsi from the soda machine again. And he starts to drink Pepsi while he is leaving the Coca-Cola on the ground. Amended and crafted a funny ads with fiction, though it is not ethically appropriate advertising. Burger King has prepared an advertising banner, in this banner McDonalds icon is buying something from Burger King. This opens the way to unfair competition is an unethical advertising banners.
Direct-to-consumer advertising (DTC advertising) sometimes refers to the marketing of pharmaceutical companies but applies in other areas as well. This form of advertising is directed toward patients, rather than healthcare professionals. The Food and Drug Administration is responsible for regulating DTC advertising in the United States. The FDA’s latest version of guidelines, though still in draft form, for pharmaceutical drug advertising was updated in 2009. Forms of DTC advertising include TV, print, radio and other mass and social media. There are ethical and regulatory concerns regarding DTC advertising, specifically the extent to which these ads may unduly influence the prescribing of the prescription medicines based on consumer demands when, in some cases, they may not be medically necessary. One concern is that DTC advertising may add to spending on drugs by consumers, insurers, and the federal government without providing enough benefits to justify that spending; specifically, some observers worry that DTC advertising encourages broader use of certain drugs than their health benefits warrant. Another concern is that DTC advertising for newly approved drugs may lead people to use drugs whose potential risks were not fully discovered during the drug approval process. Those concerns have spurred recent proposals for a...

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